French Approved Breathalyser

French Breathalyser
Welcome to AlcoProof, the Company that is dedicated to the provision of high quality breathalysers for the French and UK markets. As you are visiting this site, you are probably aware of the recent Law change in France and our aim is to provide you with the necessary information to help you understand and comply with the legislation.

We have spent a considerable amount of time researching the legal position, as well as the various products available, and have chosen the breathalysers we supply for their legality, reliability and accuracy.

French Law Change

Recent legislation passed in France means that, from the
1st March 2013, the French government has confirmed that ALL motorised vehicles travelling in France are required to carry NF Approved breathalysers.

Our products are specifically manufactured and rigorously quality controlled to comply with the all important NF testing critera that are essential for use in this market.

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Alcohol Tester as used by French Police
As required by the French legislation, they are calibrated solely to the 0.5% alcohol level and should not be confused with cheap imports from America, and elsewhere, which do not comply with the NF standards and often feature three separate alcohol levels.

To guarantee suitability, our products are manufactured in France, in one of the few factories to have the necessary NF standards. They are the same product that is sold in major retail chains throughout France, but are supplied with English instructions.